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Connections Marketing & Communications is a collaborative agency partnering with industry experts who specialize in the areas of branding, marketing, communications and public relations to deliver a personalized client team comprised of some of the most respected leaders in the industry for the benefit of our clients.

We find that by having access to this strong network of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: access to unlimited resources without costly overhead of a large staff, and the comfort of knowing that as a client of Connections Marketing & Communications – Patty Johnson is with you every step of the way.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Patty Johnson leads every client team and works directly with our professional partners to ensure clients have access to knowledge and experience coming from the best of the best. Because our professional partners are immersed in their areas of specialty and enjoy collaborating with other experts, we are able to deliver innovative and effective marketing, communications and public relations programs.

Patty Johnson

Patty Johnson

Marketing & Communications

Patty Johnson has nearly 20 years of experience developing and implementing integrated marketing, communications and public relations programs for business in Arizona and throughout the western United States.

Kevin Munk

Creative Design

Kevin Munk is an established leader in creative direction, art direction, design, web design, print and electronic collateral materials, broadcast new media, app concept & design, user experience (UX).

Layla Ressler

Media Buying & Communications

Layla Ressler has more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing public policy, marketing and communications programs as well as working to expand private sector businesses.

Stephanie Jarnagan

Copywriting & Content Creation

Stephanie Jarnagan has nearly a decade of experience in media and public relations , including six years of experience as a senior account executive with one of the Valley’s top public relations agencies…

Eva Voorhees

Branding & Marketing

For nearly 25 years Eva has worked in marketing and advertising for a number of advertising agencies and design firms. The majority of her experience has been in strategic planning and development, but…

Brandy Lawson

Digital Marketing

Brandy Lawson puts technology to work for businesses of all sizes. She’s a common-sense problem solver who has decades of experience showing businesses how to elegantly employ technology so they can focus on …

Randy Lewis

Branding & Marketing

For over 30 years Randy has guided teams in launching and reinvigorating national and global brands around the world. During that time he has worked for Madison Avenue ad agencies, local design firms…